Thursday, 14 July 2011


How would you describe your style?
Maybe kind of Afrocentric i like bright patterns and stuff, i sort of throw on anything that goes together. Medievalish and street.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Music Definitely. Japanese music actually, heavy metal..

Take me through what your wearing..
So this is a Brixton bowler hat, i really like it cause it has an old skool look, this is a very colourful shirt i really like it cause it reminds me of Africa,bought it from the market. This is an old Letterman Jacket and skinny jeans from Topman and Deso Boot Clarke's.
What do you think the current trend is right now?

Skinny jeans, probably vans, shirts

Where do you like to shop?

Charity shops, Portobello, and online

What is your opinion on Chinos?

Used to like them, don't like them anymore, kind of getting rinsed out. I tend to stay away from them, try to do something different.

What do you want to see coming in Autumn/Winter 2011?

What i don't wanna see is chinos, vans,  tight t shirts with v necks and stuff. And no more striped shirts!
What about checkered shirts?

No get rid of that as well


What are you wearing?
I'm Wearing black and white print shorts from urban outfitters, a dark orange top from urban outfitters, waist belt from beyond retro, shoes from Topshop, bag from portobello market, thick black tights from Topshop and my velvet black sequined crop jacket is from portobello market, its vintage.
How would you describe your style?
Rock Chick, maybe like Kate Moss shes my fashion icon.

What do you think is on trend right now? Ive seen a lot of leather, fetish stuff and wigs like lady GaGa's been wearing. And Ive seen a lot of Blue and dark Orange like my top.
What do you see coming in Autumn/Winter 11?
Ive just had a look at Vogue and I've seen a lot of fur and pastel colours.
Where is your favourite place to shop?
Urban outfitters but also vintage markets

What is your opinion on floral prints? I have nothing against them, but its not my style. It's too girly for me, I've seen a lot around.
What must have item does every girl need?
A pair of cool sunglasses like Raybans



Can you take me through your outfit?
T-shirt is from All saints, my leather Jacket i bought in Ukraine, and my Chinos and my shoes are from River Island.
Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
I don't really know, just see what i like and i buy it.

What do you think the men's trend is right now?
Organic Clothes, made from natural products, i think its very fashionable.. and will be very fashionable in a few years time

What do you think of men wearing very skinny tight jeans?
I don't like them very tight

What colour do you think is in fashion?
Beige, Camel and white and red and grey as well

Where is your favourite place to shop?
I like River Island, Armarni Xchange, Gucci and D Squared



Tell me where do you get your inspiration from?

A lot of the time its from my grandma believe it or not. She has a lot of old clothes from the 60s so i just rummage through her things and get inspiration from there.

Take me through what your wearing?
Ive got a black leotard top on, its actually from Primark, vintage jeans on from a charity shop, a long ankle length cardigan from h&m on.. and then I've got a felt waistcoat from a charity shop again, my shoes are from office and my bag is from Kenya.

What do you think is on trend?
A lot of clashing colours, bold bright pastely colours, things that you wouldn't usually put together.

What do you see coming in autumn/winter 2011?
I think a lot of pink and greys and going a bit darker

How would you describe your style?
Its spontaneous cause sometimes i don't even know, i just throw anything on and clash things together.
Whats the most important thing to you about fashion?
Being comfortable with what your wearing cause if your not comfortable then don't do it.

Where do you like to shop? Urban outfitters, Topshop and i normally go to charity shops

Monday, 11 July 2011

NAME: Mike Tsang
AGE: 26
FROM: London
OCCUPATION: Web Designer

Cap- New Era
White Jersey- Zara
Vest- River Island
Chinos- Topman
Trainers- Size
Belt- Hong Kong
Hoodie- Uniqlo
Glasses-Persol Mc Queen

How would you describe your style? Indie, casual and Hiphop

Where do you get your fashion inspirations from? Others, people around. Brick Lane, Shoreditch
Where do you like to shop and what are your favourite retailers? Covent Garden, Carnaby street, Urban Outfitters, Topman and All saints
What do you think the mens trend is at the moment? Tight Fitting, Indie, Bold colours, Gold and Curly Hair
What is a must have item this season? A Gold Watch
What is the most important thing about fashion to you? Look Good Feel Good.

SOINLOVEWITHFASHION SAYS: Chinos are a big thing this season for men, and i particularly like it in this goldish brown colour. The colour goes great with simple whites and denim jackets or denim shirts. Instantly gives a stylish, fresh, cool look.


NAME: Jana Hogstrand
AGE: 16
FROM: Bromley

Blouse- Zara
Skirt- Zara
Belt- River Island
Bag and Glasses- Topshop
Pumps- Clarkes

Where do you get your fashion inspirations from? I really like looking through magazines like Elle and Vogue. Mainly I just get my inspirations from the streets and people.
Do you have any style icons? I really like Emma Watsons stuff
What do you think is in trend right now? Still quite vintage and denims coming in quite heavily like dungarees. I really want to get a pair.
Where do you like to shop? Topshop and i love miss Selfridges
What colours do you see coming in the future? Definitely a lot more pastels
Do you have any style tips you want to share? Whatever looks good on you, should be the way to go.


NAME: Ellie
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Student and Part time sales assistant

Dress- Topshop
Shoes- Marks and Spencers

What should be a key piece to a girls summer wardrobe? A Long flowy skirt
What is a must have item? A thin black cape
How would you describe your style? Girly but i have sharp hair so masculine and feminine ..And i like polka dots!!
What do you think the current trend is? Crop tops, showing your belly
Where do you like to shop? I really like going to markets and vintage shops and getting things abroad as well
Where do your fashion inspirations come from? Walking about and seeing what other people are wearing, taking bits from there and making it my own
Do you have a favourite retailer? Beyond Retro
What do you think the future trend will be? Something Gold

SOINLOVEWITHFASHION SAYS: Ellie has the 'one of the boys' look with a feminine twist and she pulls it off well. This trend has been very popular, This season, all the coolest girls will be borrowing from the boys, with pinstripes, felt suiting, white shirts and trousers providing a fresh riff on tailoring, while silk ties, cummerbunds and overcoats pack a manly punch. Ellie's dress is really pretty and i love the detailed flowery waistline and the neckline. Very 60s and it looks good on her skin tone with her cute pixie blond crop. Pair your white dress like Ellie with sheer black tights and black shoes creating a bold contrast making the dress stand out more.

NAME: Thomas Levi
AGE: 22
FROM: Hertfordshire
OCCUPATION: Student studying psychology and business and a sales consultant at Selfridges

Navy Chinos- Zara
Polo- D Squared
Jumper- Brother bought him
Black Deso Boots- Office

Where do you get your inspiration from? I take a piece from literally everyone. Whatever i see, from TV, life, pictures, I just get a glimpse here and there.. and what inspires me.. hmmm i like old skool, i like classic retro.
Is that where your hairstyle inspirations from? Yeah definitely! It represents my studies, Psychology im ace-ing it and i got my hair and then the other side, business.. im loosing it.
What kind of style do you have? Prep with a classic twist
Whats in trend at the moment? Chinos is a big thing, chinos and checkered shirts, coloured chinos especially shorts. Coloured chinos and blazers.
What colour do you think is on trend ? Pink... like reddish... Salmon!

NAME: Daniel
AGE: 20
OCCUPATION: Fashion journalism student and part time sales assistant @ Selfridges

Denim Shorts- Topman
Fitted Vest- Topman
Knitted Shrug Cardigan- Topman
Shoes- Converse

Do you have a fashion icon? I love Diane von  
Furstenberg. Even though she doesn't design clothes for me I love the way she loves women and always designs clothes that extenuates the women's figure, the silhouette.. its beautiful. I also love Gweneth Paltrow in Great Expectations where she wears a lot of green, its absolutely stunning.
Whats your style? Simple, minimal.. less is more! I try not to follow trends just go with what I'm comfortable with.
What do you think is on trend? Colour clashing and mixed patterns
What do you see coming for autumn/winter 11? Gothic styles and chunky knits.
What can you not live without? A really tight pair of skinny jeans
What makes a good outfit? Something you feel comfortable leaving the house wearing, if you are instantly questioning if its good, its not the right outfit for you.
Do you have any style tips you want to share? Green suits pretty much every skin tone
What is your opinion on girl play boy look, females dressing masculine? It happened quite a lot it doesn't stand out as much these days, i do prefer it when women dress as women.. i feel like power to the women!!!!
Do you know of any upcoming brands? There is one called LUKE i think a menswear designer.

AGE: 27
FROM: Italy
OCCUPATION: Works with Children and part time actress

Dress- Zara
Belt- Charity shop
Shoes- Zara
Bag- Marks and Spencers

How would you describe your style? Simple, Original and cool.
Do you have any fashion icons? Not really I just wear what i feel comfortable in, there are a lot of styles i like but it doesn't suit my body.
Which places do you like to shop at? Camden, Nottinghill, East London, Brick Lane, lots of vintage shops. Beyond Retro, that's my favourite.
What do you think will always be on trend? Definitely Skinnys. Skinnys are always on and can be mixed with anything and you can always look different.
Do you like the 60s Fashion? I love it, and it looks really good but i feel like its very uncomfortable and tight and square. Were all different, its not for everyone but looks great on tall slender women.

SOINLOVEWITHFASHION SAYS: I love Uda's floaty white dress, so simple yet so summery and looks great with her chunky waist belt. Her brown leather laced up ankle boots give her a bit more edge contrasting with the innocence of her pretty white dress. Not forgetting her hair! Its gorgeous ! so cool! adds an element of old skool coolness to her image, makes her stand out from the rest. That's why i spotted her. Floaty white dresses are so in this summer, Get yourself one!