Saturday, 9 July 2011

NAME: Aliano
AGE: 20
FROM: Spain

Shirt- New york
Denim Jacket- Moms
Jeans- Primark
Shoes- Vans
Hat- Vans

Where do you get your inspirations from? Magazines and music groups
What do you think is in fashion? Denim and skinny jeans
What colour in on trend at the moment? Black

Aliano has put together a dark emerald smart checkered shirt with some black turned up skinny jeans and an over-sized denim jacket creating a very unusual yet cool look at the same time. Teamed up with his casual vans and hat, the combination oozes quirkiness and a bit of fun making him an interesting character hard to miss. His hair gelled up is a very classic 50s style giving off a polished appearance. Mixing smart and casual together is great to play around with.. and it works!

A little bit of gel is all you need to create this classic 50s hairstyle. Get heads turning with this sleek look!


NAME: Cecelia
AGE: 20
FROM: Spain

Who is your fashion icon? I dont really have an icon
Where do you like to shop? I like vintage shops, obviously Topshop and Urban Outfitters however i think its better to shop in small boutiques to get one off pieces and not wear everything from Topshop because everyone is wearing Topshop.
What is a must have item? I think every girl must have a pair of Jeffrey Campbells, the platforms are amazing.

Selection of Jeffrey Campbells.. ooh lala!

Cecelia has a very cute-sweet-chic style, her checkered shirt buttoned up with her frayed hot pants gives off a sweet nerdy look. Her Camel jacket with turned up sleeves is matched with her camel socks combined with plain black plimsols and a hat. The combination is quite boyish and countrygirl at the same time. Her look is very simple yet effectively super cute and effortlessly chic.


NAME: Molly Jenkins
FROM: Litchfield

Pants- American Apparel Disco Pants
Black crop top- H&M
Denim Jacket- Levis
Shoes- Moms
Glasses- Beyond Retro

Where do you like to go shopping? I like vintage shops, i try to stay away from Topshop because i think its quite lethal, you'll see something beautiful and then the next thing everyone has it on.
What do you think of Topshop? They sometimes kill fashion because they're so on trend. It comes off the catwalk and then Topshop gets hold of it and ruins it sometimes.
Do you think Topshop is overpriced? Definitely
What do you think the current trend is right now? 70s fashion, i love the high waisted knee length skirts
Do you have a style icon? Probably Blondie and GaGa
What do you think a girls must have item should be? A really tight pair of trousers

Molly's pants stood out to me the most, very tight and shiny blue pants!! and they looked great with a simple black crop top and her pale light blue denim crop jacket. Her glasses and cute up-do hairstyle made her outfit come more to life and created a very retro and funky look. I especially like the way Molly has bright blond hair, always looks high fashion with light denims.

Invest in a spring jacket and a denim crop jacket is definitely one of those! Gives an edge to your outfit, Wear with light colours to keep it more summery!