Friday, 12 August 2011

Ben from Australia

Shoes- Vans
Pants- Cos
T shirt- American Apparel
Tote Bag- APC
Hat- Australia
Jacket- Cos
Shades: Vans

Fashion inspirations: What I See around i guess, other people
Favorite Shop: I really like this store in Brick Lane i think its called 63 or something in Brick Lane. Haven't really bought much stuff from there but i think its a really cool shop
Describe your style: Maybe Classic
Current Trend: Colored Chino's


Yerjie Yong from Korea
19yr old fashion student

Crop Top: Primark
Denim Jacket- Korean Vintage Shop
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Underground
Bag: London British Market

Fashion: Every one loves fashion. Fashion is more developed and more passion able
Floaty long skirt?: Very lovely but if i was taller then i definitely would wear it
Favorite Shops: Unique vintage shops, little boutiques and markets especially in Brick Lane, my favorite place
Fashion icon: Jeremy Scott and Alexander McQueen
Future Predictions Autumn/Winter 11: Toned down colors but vivid. More different from other seasons like toned down oranges and pinks
Must have item: A Ring because i think it gives us more confidence and go's with anything

 Paul Davis from London
25Yr old Graphics Designer

Socks: Uniqlo
Shoes: Vans
Skinny Jeans: H&M
Shirt: Uniqlo
Jacket: French Connection
Hat: Supreme
Rib Chain: Brick Lane

Favorite Shops: Topman, Uniqlo, American Apparel, Hideout, Bape, Dover street market
Fashion inspirations: Pharrell Williams and Kanye West
Describe your style: Preppy Geeky and cool casual
Current Trend: Burgundy and dark greens which i like, Style is sort of getting a bit hipstery a lot of people are getting into Bape, Supreme its starting to get more mainstream
Future Predictions Autumn/Winter 11: I think Chunky knits are coming in and a lot of minimal stuff and things that aren't fashionable are sort of coming back like I've seen socks and sandals!! So all the 50s,60's and 70's coming back definitely.
Must have item: A button down shirt
Future Brands: Band of outsiders, its like COS, APC style but a bit more wearable and a lot of simple pieces and Valore a Swedish brand but its hard to get.
Colored Blazers?: I like them i want a dark Green one
Carrot Leg trousers?: Im not really that bigger fan, Im growing out of it, I dont like the top and the way it comes down, i think i will stick to skinny's

 Harper from Taiwan
24Yr old Fashion Marketing and Promotion Student

Shirt and Jacket: Brick Lane
Bag: Hong Kong
Chain: Taiwan
Jeans: TopShop
Glasses: Christian Dior
Shoes: Dr Martins

Describe your Style: Vintage because i feel comfortable in it and i like to mix it with modern simple styles
Favorite shops: Brick Lane, Cannon Town, i love Rocket
Fashion inspiration: John Galliano because he did very well in the last 10 years and i love his style and the way he uses different cultures and colors, i just think he's a genius and i love him! Also Karl Largerfeld and i like MMM
Current Trend: Every style is a professional idea, but i think it is important that what you wear makes you feel confident and comfortable. Dont follow trends, wear what you feel great in!!
Future Predictions Autumn/Winter 11: Greys and a little bit more colorful like dark purples and greens
Floral Prints?: I love it especially for spring or summer

 Natasha from Hertfordshire
21Yr old Design Management and Fashion Retailing Student

Dress: Topshop
Sandals: Office
Bag: Zara
Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Fashion inspirations: Well im working at Arcadia Head office at the moment and everyone looks really nice and dresses really well so they're probably quite inspiring at the moment
Celebrity Style: I love Kourtney Kardashian's style, i love everything she wears
Describe your style: It changes everyday and it depends what mood im in like some days i go to work in a big baggy jumper and boots and other days I'll wear little dresses and frilly skirts but overall quite girly.
Current Trend: Block Prints like my dress mix and matching prints. Skirts that are a bit longer, i love maxi skirts and high waisted skirts and skirts with a little waist and come out like a wasp sort of style.
Favorite Shops: I love Reese when i can afford it and French Connection.. Dorethy Perkins is quite good at the moment and the shoes, i couldn't believe it! Cheaper than Topshop!
Future Predictions Autumn/Winter 11: I think Barber jackets are gonna be everywhere again, and then jackets from last year but with fur everywhere. Dark greens, dark blues and browns
Must have item: A Million handbags!! handbags scarves and sunglasses. A Louis Vuitton handbag and scarf would be perfect!