Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Name: Lamel
Age: 17
From: North West London

Describe your style in 3 words: Simple, Affective and cool
What do you think is the seasons colour? Dark Emerald Green
Where do you normally shop? Urban Outfitters

soinlovewithfashion says: Lamel’s style caught my attention because he is very casual yet the pieces he chose to put together fit perfectly well. The Shirt buttoned up underneath the jumper gives a very smart effect, and then it gets covered by an edgy leather jacket with a fur hood making it appear tough and trendy creating a mixture of styles in one. The jeans tucked into the boots is a trend right now, and a lot of guys have been experimenting with this, I think it looks great here, with skinny jeans that are not too tight and the boots not too high either. Add in some accessories such as the woolly hat and a satchel bag to complete the look.


Name: Fariha
Age: 17
From: Stratford

What do you like about fashion? Being Edgy, dark colours and lots of accessories
What do you think is a must have piece of clothing? A Blazer
Which celebrity style do you like? Olivia from The City

soinlovewithfashion Says: I really like the way her jacket makes a statement and how she teams it up with a simple white tank top and black harem pants to go with it. Her Jacket reminds me of Marc Jacobs decorated tweed bandleader jacket which I absolutely love. Very fun and sharp with a touch of class.

Harem pants perfectly combine trouser elements with the fluidity of skirts. It is also very comfortable and looks great on women, there is something sensual about them that I love. The fringes on her tweed jacket makes the garment become more funky and gives it an edge still also holding a sophisticated look. Fringes are huge right now, I love them on scarves! Her shoes are cute with the simple bow detail and open toe. They are quite similar to the biker jacket inspired shoes from McQueen creating a very punk-edged look.

Its safe to say that the 80s are having a strong impact on shoes, I love these shoes! The necklace she’s wearing is big and has long fringe-like chains yet goes well with her outfit. Make a simple outfit pop with an eye-catching classy jacket


Name: Melissa
Age: 19
From: Cornwall

What do you like about your coat? Super cheap and warm, bought it from a car boot sale
What do you think is the current trend? Vintage and fur
What is your opinion on Jeggings? They look good on tall and slender people with a pair of heels. But doesn’t go well with some people.
What is your favourite store? American Apparel

soinlovewithfashion Says: This ‘teddy bear topper’ comes across as plush yet casual and these coats play with the dimension and luxury of fur. Oversized versions have an outdoorsy feeling, Greys, black and shades of brown mimic real fur. Her coat works well with the knee high socks and cute white shoes. Melissa’s hair has some silver grey tints and highlights in, colour experimentation is emerging as the newest thing to happen to hair. From faded rainbow highlights to dip-dye treatments, keep an eye on these quirky colour-infused looks


Name: Kazz Kumar
Age: 25
From: South London

What’s your opinion on lace? Its very fashionable I think very stylish, sophisticated and sexy.
Who are your inspirations? Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga
Where is your jacket from? Vintage shop in brick lane
What stores do you like? All Vintage stores
What do you think we must have in our wardrobe? Something Vintage

soinlovewithfashion Says: Luxurious yet tough, leather is another essential element for the post-punk new wave trend. Here Kazz is wearing a show stopping red leather jacket with black leather gloves, creating a biker rock chic look. Leather feels fresh and somewhat dangerous when used for shorts, dresses or even tops. Instead of black and browns why not try a different colour like Kazz. Red does seem more daring and bold yet holds a fun factor to it. Her hair coloured in violet shades is another trend alert!! I like her strappy purple bag which matches her hair.


Name: Tinna
Age: 24
From: Iceland

Where is your coat from? Alexander McQueen
What do you think is the current trend? Military
What do you think is this seasons colour? Black
Where are your shoes from? Vivienne Westwood
Who is your fashion icon? Patti Smith and Jane Birkin
What is your opinion on skinny jeans? They go with everything its good to have one pair but I like bootlegs because I think there more stylish.

soinlovewithfashion Says: Her coat is strikingly remarkable and I just love the wildlife feel it has to it, and the fur is stunning. The deep greens and yellows mesh well together and the way it is oversized makes it appear even more cosy and comfortable. I love the fur on the hood, definitely gives off an urge to stroke it, the coat has a beautiful native and cultural look. With simple silhouettes, the attention is focused on the oversized fur itself. Her boots are casual yet has a pirate feel to them with all the straps, buckles and brown colours. Looks great with some simple tights.


Name: Jade
Age: 21
From: Beckenham

Where is your dress from? Topshop
What is your opinion on floral prints? I love them, everything I own is floral prints
Where is your headscarf from? Accessorize
What do you think is the current trend? Ankle boots and floral prints
Who is your fashion icon? Pixie Lott
What is your favourite shop? Topshop of course

soinlovewithfashion Says: Jades incredibly floral style was hard to miss, her mini dress is cute with bold rosey flowers on a white background, and black detailed horizontal patterns held together with a thin waist belt. Her bag has a similar print to her dress and her headscarf is adorable in a bow like form. Very summery, cute but casual.

Floral prints has become huge for spring, Topshop does a great range of floral prints in lots of styles especially in light pastel watercolours with white backgrounds. Their Prints are soft, echoing lavender, vanilla and peaches. Gives off a very fun light spring feel and country girl look.



Name: Heather Stockwell
Age: 21
From: Leeds

Where is your coat from? Got it on eBay
What about your dress? A vintage shop and the shoes are my mums
What do you think is the summers trend? Sheer fabrics
Who are your inspirations? Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen
What do you think is a must have item? Lingerie as outerwear, very appealing and lace is sexy
What do you like about your outfit? I like the combination of the shirt and dress and its unusual I like mixing things up
What is your opinion on boyfriend style? I like the blazers I have a boyfriend blazer
Describe your look in 3 words? Vintage, vintage and vintage.

soinlovewithfashion Says: Heathers style is very cute chic yet glamorous, her white mini dress is contrasted by her thick black coat but works nicely together. The dress teamed up with the shirt and collar scarf creates a very dolly-like image, very schoolgirl-like chic and sweet.. Her fur coat adds the glamour to her style, Brown, cream and black are the most significant colours for fur coats. Pair with tights or leggings for a top-heavy silhouette like Heather. Fur scarves and collar trims provide bits of luxury. Tight, abbreviated looks continue to appeal to young people, especially Hot pants and minis that reveal lots of leg. Right now short dresses are updated with cut-outs and asymmetrical necklines, watch out for those. Her mums boots adds a touch of vintage, revamp your wardrobe with the old and make it the new you.


  1. I LOVE your blog and you are soo beautiful! xoxo

  2. interesting post! i like Lamel's outfit. More guys should dress like that!

  3. I absolutely adore this first post! I love Tinna and Heather's outfit's the most, vintage is gorgeous, and Tinna's coat is amazing, and looks so comfortable!
    I look forward to reading more~